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Do You Need a Property Survey to Sell Your Home In California?

Property surveys are often not talked about when discussing the process of selling a home. If a property survey hasn’t been performed and a homeowner is preparing to sell their home, it is important to consider having a survey completed. Understanding the exact property boundaries can benefit the seller immensely and help them sell their home faster. Not only will a property survey expedite the sale of the home, but it will also save both parties a lot of headaches. 

Due to the fact that property surveys are not often talked about, it is always smart to talk to a real estate agent to ensure that having a property survey conducted is the right thing to do. Sometimes property lines are cut and clear as well as the structures on the property, whereas other times a homeowner may have unclear property boundaries or easements that need to be noted. Talking to a real estate agent, like the ones at Gluch Group,  before deciding on whether or not a property survey is necessary will help the homeowner figure out what buyers in the area are most interested in when it comes to surveys and inspections. 

What Is A Property Survey? 

The purpose of property surveys is to determine or confirm the boundaries of a property. This can include the plot of land where a house sits and any underground improvements such as septic tanks or wells. Furthermore, property surveys also identify other restrictions and conditions applicable to a property’s legal description, such as easements and encroachments. 

Property surveys can be conducted at any time. Still, they are most often performed when the homeowner is wanting to sell their home or wanting to add a sidewalk, driveway, or other permanent structure to their property. These surveys are an important aspect of receiving title insurance. The survey will provide legal permits on the property to avoid encroachments. They are also required when wanting to improve any aspect of the property along the boundary lines. 

Do You Need a Property Survey to Sell Your Home?

In the state of California, no, you do not need a property survey to sell your home. However, California law does require a seller to disclose, in writing, any and all details about the property that could possibly affect its desirability or the amount the buyer is willing to pay for the property. Any seller who fails to disclose an aspect of the home that affects its desirability or price point could face serious legal action. 

Therefore it is always smart to have the property surveyed to ensure everything necessary is disclosed. A property survey also allows a prospective buyer to have a clear visualization and understanding of the property which is a great benefit. A property survey also greatly benefits the buyer as they will be able to identify any septic systems or wells on the property and prepare for being responsible for maintaining them. 

The average cost of a property survey in California can range between $5,000 and $10,000 depending upon the size of the property, how many structures there are, and the location of the property. 

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