2023’s Trending Outdoor Spaces in San Diego

San Diego is an ever-growing city with an incredible real estate market. The thing that San Diego residents love the most is their ability to frequently use their outdoor living spaces year-round. Some San Diego homeowners spend the majority of their free time enjoying their backyard oasis, and with the perfect weather who could blame them?

Homeowners in the San Diego area have realized that the best way to boost the value of their homes and improve their homes is to spice up their outdoor living areas. Therefore many have started to remodel their homes or add more to their outdoor living spaces to make them as comfortable and appealing as possible. 

The same goes for those who live in apartment complexes or condominium complexes. Most have an outdoor living space with a grill, playground, etc that the tenants can frequently use while they enjoy the outdoors. Most complexes have a pool as well, but if they added more amenities for the residents to use, they could significantly increase the interest in their property. 

Being outdoors is a big part of the culture in San Diego, therefore we have compiled a list of 2023’s top trending outdoor living space ideas. 


Outdoor Kitchens

This may seem like something that is dependent upon the individual owner, but no one has ever not been impressed by an outdoor kitchen. On warm summer days, an outdoor kitchen helps beat the heat by keeping the cooking outside. This minimizes the amount of warmth circulating throughout the kitchen and house. By cooking outdoors, residents find that they do not have to spend as much to keep their homes cool. Many residents of San Diego have learned from the residents of Phoenix, by adding a few fans around their outdoor kitchen to help keep a cool breeze circulating. 

Just because the kitchen is outdoors, does not mean it cannot have indoor luxuries. An outdoor kitchen is the best way to liven up and create a wow factor in a backyard oasis. Storage by the way of shelving and cabinets will allow the residents to have all the amenities they need without having to go inside and creates a great outdoor aesthetic. For the ultimate outdoor restaurant vibe, make sure to add plenty of seating for guests to enjoy while food is being prepared. We also recommend having a bar built into the outdoor kitchen so entertaining guests while cooking is just as easy as it was indoors. 

Edible Gardens 

Adding an edible garden to an outdoor living area is the best thing to do in 2023. During the pandemic, many turned to create their own gardens. Not only is it a soothing hobby, but it is also the best reward. Who could say no to having fresh fruits and vegetables growing in their backyard? 

Edible gardens in the past few years have been focused on immunity. Homeowners and condo residents are focused on growing vegetables and fruits rich in nutrients and vitamin C. They have also been found to be centered around “Meatless Mondays” where the vegetables are thick and robust, which makes them perfect for replacing meat on any day of the week. 

We’ve also found that in a time when traveling is more difficult than it has been before, many people are choosing to grow a variety of plants in their gardens that allow them to make different dishes from across the world. This soothes the itch of the travel bug, and also adds bright fantastic colors to the outdoor landscapes around the home. 

Covered Patios

Patios are the epicenter of any outdoor living space and the home base for landscaping. Having a covered patio elevates the possibility of all the homeowner’s patio ideas coming to life. Not only does a covered patio provide shade, but it also allows residents to enjoy their outdoor space no matter what the weather is like. 

As outdoor activities increase, so does the need for privacy. Having a covered patio prevents people from peeping in on a family’s outdoor activities in their backyard oasis.  Adding some ambient lighting and comfy couches will provide a sanctuary for peaceful reflection or family gatherings. Enjoy all the comforts of inside the home while appreciating the beauty of being outdoors. 

Top Two Neighborhoods For Outdoor Lifestyles In San Diego

Wherever you live in San Diego, being outside is a necessity. Not only do residents spend time in their own private outdoor spaces they love to frequent local outdoor areas where the activities are endless. Homeowners seek neighborhoods that have all the outdoor amenities within a short distance. Here are the top two neighborhoods with outdoor activities in San Diego:

Pacific Beach

Pacific beach is famous for its neon nightlife and drawing college students from all around, but this neighborhood is so much more than college kids’ spring break destination. By day, the area is quiet with a wide variety of boutiques, taco shops, and miles of shoreline to appreciate. 

Pacific Beach Real Estate

The real estate opportunities in Pacific Beach are quite diverse. Amongst family homes, there are apartment and condo complexes that offer beautiful views and many amenities. The median price for a sold home in Pacific Beach is around $930,000. 

What’s Nearby?

Pacific Beach is located less than 15 minutes away from Mission Bay Park which covers over 4000 acres. The park has beaches, picnic areas, basketball courts, and miles of extensive biking and walking trails for residents to enjoy. Within Mission Bay Park is Crown Point Park as well as the Northern Wildlife Preserve. 

There is a 3-mile paved boardwalk for residents and tourists to enjoy. This boardwalk also connects to Mission Beach which makes for easy access and lots of beach views. 

Amenities in Pacific Beach 

All amenities such as grocery shopping and doctor offices are located within the community. Most are only a short drive away. 

The boardwalk has an abundant amount of coffee and taco shops with other amazing dining options as well. 

Little Italy

Little Italy is located adjacent to the downtown San Diego area. This may deter a prospective homeowner due to the close proximity to all the noise of the downtown area, but in fact, it is a quiet and quaint little neighborhood with many outdoor activities for the residents to enjoy such as art galleries, craft breweries, parks, and access to the ocean. 

Little Italy Real Estate

There are multiple property types in the Little Italy neighborhood. There are single family homes as well as apartment and condo complexes. Condominium complexes seem to be very popular in this area. 

The average home price in this neighborhood is around $650,000.

What’s Nearby?

Waterfront Park connects Little Italy to the harbor with a long skinny park that holds water fountains, massive playgrounds, and ton of grass for picnics or pickup sports. 

Balboa Park is close by and holds approximately 1,200 acres of outdoor space for residents to enjoy any time of day. This park is the crown jewel of San Diego due to its magnificent cactus gardens, hiking trails, and endless greenery. 

The Little Italy Farmer’s Market is held every Saturday and brings vendors from far and wide. It’s almost impossible to miss it. Many residents of Little Italy flock to the farmer’s market before they start their Saturday outdoor activities. 

Amenities in Little Italy

This neighborhood is smaller so there are very few corporate grocery stores. There are many little markets to visit within Little Italy that have everything a resident would need.

San Diego has many wonderful neighborhoods and locations that offer the ultimate outdoor living experience. If you are looking for edible gardens, beautiful views, outdoor kitchens, pools, and stunning covered patios, one of our Gluch Group San Diego real estate agents can support your home search dreams today. Contact us to start searching for your new home in San Diego.