The Safest Neighborhoods in San Diego

Safety is a huge priority when looking for a new home. Not only does the home need to be safe, but the neighborhood as well. Within the last couple of years, many residents of California have decided to better their mental health and ease their anxiety by moving their families to safer neighborhoods. 

Many do not think of San Diego when looking for a city with the safest neighborhoods. However, San Diego real estate is booming due to the fact that this beautiful city continuously ranks as one of the safest big cities in California. On average, San Diego has ranked better than Los Angeles in terms of safety for over 5 years. When looking at violent crime and property crime statistics, San Diego has lower crime rates compared to Los Angeles and even the rest of California!

We at the Gluch Group understand how important it is to feel safe where you live. Therefore we have compiled a list of the safest neighborhoods in San Diego to help our clients narrow down their search. Here are our top picks for the safest neighborhoods in San Diego!

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Black Mountain Ranch 

Black Mountain Ranch sits just northeast of downtown San Diego and has some of the best safety ratings. When looking at the crime statistics for 2021, not one murder occurred within this neighborhood. When looking at violent crimes in general, they are essentially nonexistent with the total being less than 1 violent crime committed in one year. Property crimes in the Black Mountain Ranch neighborhood are also very low with only 5 reported property crimes in 2021. 

Black Mountain Ranch is such a safe neighborhood, mainly due to the residents and environment this beautiful neighborhood creates. Many residents of Black Mountain Ranch know their neighbors and converse with them regularly. This neighborhood is one of the safest in San Diego, mainly because everyone looks out for each other, and they do not tolerate foolishness or any type of crime within their neighborhood.

Sabre Springs

Sabre Springs is a highly sought-after neighborhood located on the northeastern side of San Diego, and it also borders the town of Poway. The crime rates in Sabre Springs are very low, which creates the perfect environment to raise children, retire, or live with a spouse. In 2021, there were no murders, robberies, or assaults. In fact, there was less than 1 total violent crime committed in Sabre Springs in 2021. When it comes to property crimes, Sabre Springs is one of the best neighborhoods to live in. There were only 8 property-related crimes in 2021. In Los Angeles in 2021, there was an average of 23 property crimes per 1,000 residents which equates to around 2.3%. In Sabre Springs the property crime rate is only .078%, which makes it easy to see why so many individuals are choosing to move to this neighborhood. 


Tierrasanta is one of the most popular neighborhoods in San Diego. It sits just north of the city center, which means that residents are never more than 20 minutes away from anything they desire. With such close proximity to the downtown area, many prospective buyers believe that this neighborhood isn’t necessarily the safest. However, Tierrasanta has one of the best safety and crime ratings out of all the neighborhoods in and around the city of San Diego. 

The total amount of violent crimes in 2021 for the Tierrasanta neighborhood is .96. This shows that violent crimes are essentially nonexistent in this beautiful and quiet neighborhood. The number of property crimes in 2021 was 7.25 with a majority being associated with theft of less than $400. It’s safe to say that Tierrasanta is very safe for families, retirees, and couples. 

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