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Why You Should Have A Well Inspection When Selling A Home In California

There are more than 2 million private water wells servicing residents in California, with approximately 7,000 to 15,000 new wells being dug every year. San Diego is no exception and has residents that rely on wells for daily water use. Groundwater is a precious resource for rural residents and those that wish to remain self-sufficient. However, when a homeowner has a well, it’s important for them to know the proper process for selling their home. 

Well inspections in California

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No, you are not required to have a well inspection to sell your home in California. However, a well inspection is one aspect of selling a home that no homeowner wants to skip. Everyone wants to know that their drinking water is safe, therefore skipping a well inspection could mean the difference between selling your home quickly, or having prospective buyers not feel comfortable buying the home. Prospective buyers also want to know that the well is in good shape and that the integrity of the system is intact. Otherwise, they could be stuck with extensive and costly repairs, which could cause them to seek legal action against you. After all, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain their well, and keep their drinking water safe. Selling a home with a damaged well, or unsafe water could have serious health and legal consequences. With that being said, a well inspection, while not mandatory,  is necessary to cover all bases on both sides. 

What Is A Well Inspection?

In California, approximately 30 million people rely on the city or municipal water. The water they use is taken from local and long-distance sources, treated, tested, and then distributed to houses. Homeowners who are connected to municipal or city water pay for their water, and the price includes testing and maintenance fees. 

When homeowners rely on a well, instead of city or municipal water, maintenance and water testing are the homeowner’s responsibility. Homeowners conduct well inspections to ensure the well is in proper working order, and that the water quality is safe for use. 

A thorough inspection will provide a detailed analysis of the entirety of the water system. A certified inspector must conduct this inspection. They will check the well’s water pressure, water quality, as well as it’s refill speed. On top of that, they will check the well system for leaks, damage, or issues that can eventually cause damage. It is recommended that homeowners check their water for contaminants at least once a year, and have a well inspection conducted before selling a home. 

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