Southern Colonial Homes in San Diego

The boxy, iconic Southern Colonial style can be found sprinkled throughout San Diego. Luckily, Coronado is one of the major enclaves for the Southern Colonial style.

Southern Colonial as a Style of Architecture

Influenced by European colonists who settled in America’s northern and southern colonies during the 1600s, the Southern Colonial style is a true American classic. As the Southern Colonial style evolved, it aspired to the ideals of the Greek Revival movement of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. This large, early American style was originally built from brick, wood, stone, or combinations of the three.

On the inside:

You can find a center hallway, typically with chandeliers. Maybe even a grand staircase if you’re lucky. A dentil molding is typically used at the end of rafters. Crown molding can be found throughout the inside of the house. In the interior, some of the colors from the outside of the house can typically be found. In Southern California, you will see a lot of beach-influenced colors as well.

On the outside:

Typically, you will notice the use of columns on the exterior of the home first. Homes can also be set further off of the road to give an impression of elegance. There is usually a front porch for people to enjoy the neighborhood on. The main front door is typically in the center of the front of the house. There is also a use of symmetry throughout the style so things usually mirror each other. White and off-white are commonly used as exterior colors.

Why should you buy a Southern Colonial-style home?

This style is widely sought after, especially on Coronado. The welcoming, classic style of these homes never goes out of style. Mixed with the beach and Navy influence on Coronado, this style is a perfect match for the island.

The Gluch Group San Diego Team is here to help you find the perfect Southern Colonial home!